LEGADO de Carlos Paredes ao Mosteiro dos Jerónimos


Release: 25th November


Concert recorded live at the Cloister of the Jerónimos Monastery on June 10, 2022, with a repertoire by Artur Paredes and Carlos Paredes. Two guitars built in the 60s and bequeathed by Carlos Paredes to the Jerónimos Monastery were used. The interpretation is by the group Alvorada: António José Moreira (Portuguese guitar), Ricardo Dias (Portuguese guitar) and Pedro Lopes (classic guitar). An edition of the Fado Museum Records.

“Carlos Paredes is the Jerónimos Monastery of the Portuguese Guitar”, Amália Rodrigues often said. Several reasons could justify the bequeath of two of his guitars, one of which was from his much-loved father, to the “Monument of all Portuguese Monuments”. His great pleasure in playing in this cloister, as he always mentioned, may have been the main reason.

Carlos Paredes walked on the shoulders of giants, but above all on the shoulders of the enormous figure that was his father, Artur Paredes. The innovations and revolutions they produced are, even today, the basis of what we know not only as “Guitarra de Coimbra” and “Guitarra Portuguesa”, but also as the sound of “Portugality”. As part of the presentation of the guitars donated by Carlos Paredes to the Jerónimos Monastery, after their recovery and restoration, it was unavoidable to invite two of its greatest current interpreters – António José Moreira and Ricardo Dias – to bring this legacy to life. Both have the Paredes school on their fingers and have been true mainstays in the continuity of their technique and aesthetics.

With this concert, the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos pays the first public tribute to the donor, starting a fundamental moment in the annual program of the institution “Jerónimos Monastery and the Belém Tower”, maintaining the date of 10 June, with its relevant symbolism, as an invitation to reflection.