Amália Nossa

Presentation of the collection Amália Nossa
September 23 at 6:30 pm
Free admission

Tugaland Edições Multimédia, in partnership with the Museu do Fado, Fundação Amália, the newspaper Público and the Museu Colecção Berardo, aims to bring public, in an innovative way and 10 years upon the death of Amália, a collection with a total of one hundred thirty-five tracks that reveal the artistic personality and the voice of a young Amalia, en route to the consecration of the world but before her meeting with Alain Oulman, in the early 1960s, which marked the passage to her best known career.

An edition of 12 books with CD according to the distribution of the major themes
(Paixão, Ciúme, Abandono, Saudade, Sina, Tradição, Palcos, Cordas, Salero, Mundo, Lisboa, Ao Vivo) and proceeding in each CD the chronological recording order of the tracks.

In each book the musicologist Rui Vieira Nery
characterize the musical repertoire of Amália during this period and comments each track individually and the poet Vasco Graça Moura contextualizes the poetic universe of this repertoire.