Há Fado no Cais

Ana Margarida

“In the history of Ana Margarida's voice there is a confusion with her own biography. Unusually talented fado singer, she carries in herself a road traveled with all generations, all musical genres and a whole world of music and poetry. Faithfully attached to the fado tradition, but free and daring to experiment with sounds other than those of the Lisbon song, she lives off her sensitive and unexpectedly powerful voice, her interpretation full of meanings and a life that could only be lived singing. In this show, she presents her journey as a fado singer, her influences, the fados and the most striking poems and what made her one of the most breathtaking performers of her generation.”

Francisco Guimaraes


Born in Oliveira de Azeméis, Ana Margarida was rocked to the sound of Fado by her mother's arms. She studied classical music from 6 to 18 years old and during her academic career she did musical theatre. But Fado was and is her first and great love. The happiest memories of her childhood are singing hours and hours with her mother and sister, fado songs by Teresa Tarouca, Teresa Silva Carvalho, Maria da Fé and Amália.

Her professional career began in Porto where, in 2008, she received the Revelation Award at the Fado Gala of the Teatro Sá da Bandeira. After her move to Lisbon, she has been singing in some of the most emblematic Casas de Fado in the city: Sr. Vinho, Adega Machado, A Severa, Fado ao Carmo and Maria da Mouraria.

In 2011 she took her Fado for the first time across borders, to Switzerland. Since then she has performed several times in Spain, France, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Russia, Romania, Luxembourg and recently in Morocco, Poland, Belgium and Namibia.

She was invited to join several important musical projects: +351 – Os Fados de João Gil e João Monge, Bela Ensemble and Rio Lisboa, where she gave voice to the single from the album Moça Morena. In March 2022, she began an artistic residency at Fábrica do Braço de Prata, based on the challenge of Fado being accompanied by different sounds and formations that have allowed her to explore and develop her versatility as a performer.

Ana Margarida's debut album will be released in 2023 by the Museu do Fado label.


Voice: Ana Margarida

Portuguese guitar: Ricardo Parreira

Fado guitar: Bernardo Saldanha

Bass guitar: Francisco Gaspar


Sound design: António Pinheiro da Silva

Light Design: António Martins (Aldeia da Luz)


Photo: © LenaKern 

Co-production: Museu do Fado / Egeac e CCB.