Duarte - Aquelas Coisas da Gente

On November 17th, 2009 the singer Duarte presents at Museu do Fado his new album, entitled Aquelas Coisas da Gente.

Duarte launched in 2009 his second album which combines the traditional fado with new sounds. Originally from Évora, Duarte dedicated himself, since 1997, to research the lyrics and music of traditional fado and began writing some original themes that are now part of his repertoire.

In 2001 started to sing at Café Restaurant Alentejo and later, in 2002, at the restaurant / Casa de Fados Bota Alta, both in Evora. Since 2004, by invitation of Maria da Fé and José Luís Gordo he joined the cast of Sr. Vinho. He has performed in Guinea-Bissau and Greece as well as in various portuguese stages.