Há Fado no Cais Cycle 2023


JAN 19 - 9 pm

Margarida presents live in the cycle Há Fado no Cais the album in which she makes her solo debut, edited by the Museu do Fado. Written entirely by João Monge, it features melodies by some of the most important composers in the world of Traditional Fados, as well as new composers. The musicians who accompany her — Bernardo Couto (Portuguese guitar), Bernardo Saldanha (fado guitar) and Francisco Gaspar (bass guitar) form the perfect Fado Trio, due to their commitment to execution, but also to the arrangements and musical production.

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FEB 9 - 9pm

Pedro Moutinho was lulled by the sound of fado and grew up with it as if it were a genetic inheritance. There is no separation between fado and the man who sings it. There is a familiar fluidity between one and the other, natural to those who have known each other for a long time. It's been more than 15 years of a career lived intensely with shows all over the country and also all over the world. A unique path that transformed Pedro Moutinho into one of the great fadistas of our time. In this concert, the fado singer will make known some themes of his next work.

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MAR 24 - 9pm

Cristina Clara was born in Vila Nova de Famalicão, and for several years divided herself between music and nursing. In 2021, his first studio album, Lua Adversa, is born, a perfect name for an album made of stories turned into fado and chorinho songs. A work that features revisited themes and original compositions that reflect her contemporary look at tradition, bringing together musicians with roots in jazz and Portuguese and Brazilian popular music. A multiplicity that represents the phases of the moon and also the various facets of Cristina Clara's artistic identity.

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APR 29 - 9pm

Aldina Duarte presents her most recent work, Tudo Recomeça, live. One of the biggest creative challenges of Traditional Fado is never being finished. Aldina lets you hear how Fado grows over time and transforms with its interpreter and the circumstances in which it lives. Fados that she never stopped singing in concerts, since they were recorded; fados that she always sang live and that were never recorded. An anthology that shows the history of Aldina's Fado on stage. Paulo Parreira, Portuguese guitar, and Rogério Ferreira, viola, are the cornerstone of the entire work.

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MAY - 9pm

"Occasionally, a new voice reminds us that traditional Fado is still very much alive. (...) Sara Correia has an incredible voice." **** in Songlines

"She says she was born for this and it's hard to doubt" **** in Público

"The room erupts in applause when it's Sara Correia's turn" in Visão

"Her voice has a lot of power and there is no doubt that Sara Correia has serious talent." in Entertainment Focus

"Her husky alto-alto voice projects the intensity of the roots music she grew up listening to" in All About Jazz

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JUN 23 - 9pm

Telmo Pires was born in Bragança and at the age of two he moved to Essen, Germany. He discovered his connection to Portuguese roots and traditional music, especially Fado, from a young age. In 2001 he released his first album and, in February 2020, edited Através do Fado after an eight-concert tour in Germany, which led the fado singer to step on the stage of the Berliner Philharmonie for the first time. Telmo Pires considers Através do Fado to be «a pure album»: Portuguese guitar, fado guitar and bass. It is this whole route, and above all the themes of the last album, that Telmo Pires takes, in this concert, to the stage of the CCB.

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