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João Braga - 55 Years Career

55 years after his first recording labelled Aquila, João Braga comes to the Teatro São Luiz stage to celebrate a life surrounded by poetry, music, friends and fado. The professionalization, in 1967, was simultaneously the result of an intense activity as an amateur in fado houses, gatherings and other fado events, and the starting point of a career punctuated by more than 40 recordings among singles, EPs. LPs and CDs, many concerts as an artist and producer, and the recording of TV shows. Throughout his career he dedicated himself to stage many young fado singers whose talent he recognized, artists that on this evening will gather João Braga to, with him, celebrate this much life and fado.

Host: Pedro Castelo

Guests: Ana Beatriz, Francisco Salvação Barreto, Katia Guerreiro, Maria Ana Bobone, Miguel Sanches, Nani Medeiros, Rão Kyao, Rodrigo Costa Felix

Pedro de Castro and Eurico Machado: portuguese guitar
Jaime Santos Jr.: guitar 
Francisco Gaspar: bass 

Production: Fado Museum


With Pedro de Castro. ©Estelle Valente

With Amália . São Luiz, 1997

With José Pracana, Teresa Silva Carvalho, Segismundo de Bragança and Paquito.

CascaisJazz1971, with MilesDavis.

©Aurélio Vasques