Há Fado no Cais


At this concert for the launch of the album São Jorge, the audience will be given their first chance to discover the universe of literary and musical composition that Jonas has been developing for the last decade.

With a career as a choreographer, dancer, performer and fado singer, Jonas presents us in this album with the personal testimony of a Lisbon citizen, in which there is a poignant sense of lyrical contemporaneity, but also employing the compositional tools of classical fado, using foreign expressions or swear words when the song calls for greater rawness or returning to fado’s essential storytelling function, in a genuine and unprejudiced narrative.

The musical base is that of a classical fado quartet (two Portuguese guitars, a six-string guitar and double-bass), with a musical production by Jorge Fernando and with the seal of the Valentim de Carvalho label, the São Jorge project proposes a reconnection with Portugal’s forgotten patron saint, an invitation to return to our ancestral roots and discover the identity of what it means to be Portuguese, while simultaneously displaying episodes from a shared life that could belong to any of us.

This concert takes place in a room, with an audience, and Live Streaming on the BOL.