Fado on the Waterfront

Lina and Raül Refree | Fado on the Waterfront


Following the national effort to contain the new coronavirus (COVID 19) and in line with the guidelines of the General Health Directorate, the Centro Cultural de Belém and the Museu do Fado decided to postpone this concert until October 1st, 2020. For the refund, you should go to the place of purchase. We appreciate your understanding.

Lina, a multidisciplinary artist, singer and student attentive to Amália's work, selected some of her most emblematic repertoire, which she interprets in an amazing way.

Raül Refree, Catalan musician and one of the most innovative producers of today, who gave a new perspective to flamenco by producing artists like Sílvia Perez Cruz or Rosalía, signs the arrangements and production of this project. In this show we will be able to prove his particular vision, with the sound he created where Lina's voice, surrounded by analog fog, sounds chilling, true and deeply moving.

Two extraordinary musicians who developed an intense musical empathy, proven on the album to be released worldwide in March by the award-winning German publisher Glitterbeat Records and on the international tour that began in July 2019 in Cartagena.

A show staged by António Pires.

Music is not geography, but emotion!


Co-production: Fado Museum / EGEAC and CCB