Marco Oliveira - concert

Marco Oliveira, one of the most representative ‘fado’ singers of his generation, comes for the first time to CCB.
In this case fado singer does not just apply to the interpreter: Marco is also a composer and that can be seen on his record in themes like ‘Sabes lá (o que é ficar sozinho)’, ‘Noite da Saudade’ or ‘Lisboa Será Assim’. He is also one of the most important musicians of the new wave of violists of fado, side by side with Ana Moura, Raquel Tavares, Hélder Moutinho, Ricardo Parreira, among others. With only 24 years old, Marco Oliveira was born into the middle of fado. We feel the freshness he wants to offer and at the same time we see his respect for this musical genre which saw him grow from a very young age where he drank the whole essence and soul to become a true fado singer.

Small Auditorium - Centro Cultural de Belém

CCB | Museu do Fado