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Mísia | Pura Vida

12€ a 15€
Age Restriction
Mísia is back at Teatro São Luiz to present her latest album, Pura Vida, where she sings a fado, as she likes to put it, that is neither sad nor cheerful. It’s Destiny, she adds. Once again, she sings about feelings and emotions, “with equal parts of greatness and misery”. In Pura Vida she selected fados to sing the lexicon and grammar of emotions: Absence, Body, Destiny, Men and Streets, Time and Longing, both everything and almost nothing, “and some other letters of the alphabet”, she assures us. For that, she chose classic fados and some original fados, because life, pure life, she believes, is made of certainties, of course, but also of surprises.
Concert co-produced by the Fado Museum and São Luiz Teatro Municipal