Os Fados da Alvorada

On March 3, the Fado Museum will host the presentation of the compilation Os Fados da Alvorada (Movieplay). The presentation will be made by José Manuel Osorio, responsible for organizing the anthology, Rui Vieira Nery, musicologist and Nuno Lopes, a journalist.


The three volumes of the collection are the result of a thorough investigation that reviewed over 20 years of sound recordings produced by Alvorada label. Includes songs of Amalia Rodrigues, Ada de Castro, Carlos Carvalho, Manuel de Almeida, among other
After the presentation there was a musical event  starring António Chaínho, Chico Madureira, Maria Amélia Proença and Maria de Fátima,
accompanied by António Parreira (Portuguese guitar) and Guilherme Carvalhais (spanish guitar).

Rui Vieira Nery, José Manuel Osório, Nuno Siqueira and Nuno Lopes

The fado singer Chico Madureira accompanied by António Parreira and Guilherme Carvalhais

The fado singer Maria de Fátima accompanied by António Parreira and Guilherme Carvalhais