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Pedro Moutinho | Um Fado ao Contrário

12 April, 9.00PM
Sala Luiz Miguel Cintra, São Luiz Teatro Municipal
12€ a 15€
Age Restriction
Pedro Moutinho’s new album is called “A Fado ao Contrário”. Does this mean that this disc, the sixth of fado’s originals, shows an antagonistic Fado, opposite, opposite, turned inside out? No, well before … otherwise. That there is “A Fado ao Contrário”, the first single, there that goes … But also classic fado and new songs created for your voice by composers and / or poets like Amélia Muge, Maria do Rosário Pedreira, Márcia, Manuela de Freitas, Pedro de Castro or Filipe Raposo. The same Filipe Raposo who also produces this album and brought to the studio new and surprising sonorities, while in fado, fado himself, retains its essence and tradition.
In the recordings, Pedro Moutinho counted on musicians Filipe Raposo (piano), Quiné Teles (percussion), André Santos (electric guitar), Pedro Soares (viola), Daniel Pinto (acoustic bass) and Ângelo Freire (Portuguese guitar). mixing and remastering of António Pinheiro da Silva and Pedro Moutinho himself.
Pedro Moutinho will sing all the tracks of the new album, among many others of his career, accompanied by André Dias (Portuguese guitar), Pedro Soares (viola), Daniel Pinto (acoustic bass), José Salgueiro (percussion) and, as special guest, Filipe Raposo (piano).
“A Fado ao Contrário” is published on 15 March by Music Without Frontiers (MWF), in co-production with the Fado Museum.
Concert co-produced by the Fado Museum and São Luiz Teatro Municipal