In the auditorium of the Museum of Fado will happen three instrumental concerts in the late afternoon, part of the programming of Festas de Lisboa. The program Pôr-do-Fado is characterized by performances where the Portuguese Guitar is at the same time, actor and host of other sounds.

June 11 – Ricardo Parreira and Quiné

Ricardo Parreira continues to renew the interpretation of the portuguese guitar. Studies, perfectes himself, hears the great refrences and whenever the schedule allows it, the strings of his guitar beat at Mesa de Frades, in Alfama, but also in other stages in Europe and Japan, where every performance of the young guitarist is target of the highest praise.

For this first session of the Pôr-do-Fado, the Portuguese guitar of Ricardo Parreira joins the instrumental exploitation of the percussionist Quiné.

June 18 – Luís Guerreiro and Pedro Jóia

Luís Guerreiro is one of the young exponents of the interpretation of the portuguese guitar. His first solo concert dates of 2001, at CCB, but he has stepped on stage worldwide following several fado singers, among which stands out Mariza.

In this presentation Luis Guerreiro is accompanied by Pedro Jóia, who is also one of the most respected performers and composers of guitar with musical approaches to the sounds of spanish flamenco and Fado.

June 25 – Paulo Soares and Quarteto Artemsax

Paulo Soares is an expert in the interpretation of the Coimbra Portuguese Guitar. Composer and teacher he has been exploring the sounds of various musical instruments in areas like fado, folk music, jazz, classical orchestras, as a soloist and also in musical accompaniment.

In the third session of Pôr-do-Fado, the guitarist Paulo Soares comes accompanied by Rui Poço Ferreira, on the guitar, and the saxophone quartet ArtemSax (composed by: João Pedro Silva, João Cordeiro, Rui Costa e Hugo Gaito).