Fado Museum Stage

Santa Casa Alfama Fado Festival

In Fado, the connection to the past has always been an impulse for the future and renewal.

These are the fados on the Fado Museum Stage, where the voices of Francisco Salvação Barreto, Cristina Clara, Matilde Cid and Ricardo Luiz pay tribute to the memory of Fado, with the creative and renewing energy that has always characterized this musical genre. In the most intimate register of traditional fado or through musical dialogue with other sounds, here we rediscover that Fado and Portuguese music can open up to the world, without losing authenticity.


September 29th

7:30 pm . Cristina Clara (Special guest: Maria Alice)

9:30 pm . Francisco Salvação Barreto


September 30th

7:30 pm . Ricardo Luiz

9:30 pm . Matilde Cid