Film Screening

Silence - Voices of Lisbon

By Judit Kalmár and Céline Coste Carlisle

Film screening* and DVD presentation by the directors

*Subtitled in english

Silêncio - Vozes de Lisboa
(Silence - Voices of Lisbon) is a documentary set amongst the backdrop of a gentrified Lisbon. Following the footsteps of Céline - a local foreigner who has lived in Portugal for 20 years - we are introduced to Ivone Dias and Marta Miranda, two female artists from different generations who fight for the survival of their art and their community. Their common language is Fado. With the lyrics of fado songs taking us through the story, the film explores the relationship between fado singers and the ever changing world around them.

Silêncio - Vozes de Lisboa was produced with the support of the Fado Museum.