14 March, 2023


On the day that CELESTE RODRIGUES would have turned 100, the Fado Museum opened a temporary exhibition alluding to the artist's legacy and presented a book that includes a QR Code for two unpublished themes. The curatorship is by Diogo Varela Silva.

At the opening of the exhibition, musicians who usually accompanied Celeste Rodrigues performed: Gaspar Varela and Pedro de Castro on the Portuguese guitar, André Ramos on the Fado guitar and Francisco Gaspar on the bass guitar.


A major reference in the history of Fado, Celeste Rodrigues would be 100 years old on March 14, 2023. Remembering her life and her legacy is celebrating a complex temporal geometry that accompanies more than seven decades of artistic activity and that illuminates a good part of history of Fado Fado of the 20th and 21st centuries. As part of the centenary of the artist's birth, we revisit her vast legacy through her discography, her repertoires, trophies, awards, acting props, newspapers, paintings and films, in an exhibition in which various testimonies combine to illuminate her artistic biography. By redoing the mosaic of this fascinating journey, we gain a clearer and more founded awareness of Celeste Rodrigues' central place in the history of Fado and her role in the evolution of this musical genre and its international projection.


Photo ©Estelle Valente

place: Fado Museum

© Estelle Valente

© Estelle Valente

Celeste Rodrigues, 1950s, Celeste Rodrigues Collection

Amália and Celeste Rodrigues, Madrid, 1943, Celeste Rodrigues Collection

Odete, Celeste and Amália Rodrigues. A Viela, 1958. (c) J. Marques - Museu Nacional do Teatro e da Dança Collection

Celeste Rodrigues and sister Maria Odete, at Amália's house. 1960s. Celeste Rodrigues Collection

Actor Canto e Castro and Celeste Rodrigues, movie 'Xavier' by Manuel Mozos