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Armindo Fernandes

(N. 20 January, 1946)

Armindo Fernandes was born in Vagos, Aveiro, in 1946 and at age 9 he discovered his passion for the Portuguese guitar.

At 18, in 1964, he settled in Lisbon, and became professional, starting to accompany several fadistas, such as Cidália Moreira, Frei Hermano da Câmara, Carlos do Carmo, Tristão da Silva, António Mourão, Fernando Maurício, Francisco Martinho, Fernando Farinha, Alfredo Marceneiro, Maria Valejo, Max and also Amália.

He was also a member of the António Chainho Guitar Ensemble, of whom he is still an admirer and friend. With this group, which also included José Maria Nóbrega and Raúl Silva, he recorded, in the 1980s, the album “António Chainho – Guitarra Portuguesa”.

Over the course of several years, Armindo Fernandes ran several stages in several countries, such as the United States, Canada, China, Australia, South Africa and India, always accompanying renowned artists.

Armindo's art is present on several albums, always as an accompanist, having only edited his first solo work in 1984, the LP “O Canto das Minhas Mãos”. This album, sponsored by the well-known writer and radio author Odette de Saint-Maurice, features songs that are well known to the general public, highlighting, for example, “Coimbra é uma lição” and “Lisboa Antiga”.

In 1986, he returned to his homeland, Vagos, where he opened several restaurants, always with live Fado, but in 2015, the call of the capital was stronger and he settled there again, until today.

Armindo Fernandes' career does not end with the countless records and concerts around the world. In 2011, he participated in the soundtrack of the Spanish film “Años Después” and, in 2017, he was part of the ensemble of musicians for the reprise of the musical “Amália”, by Filipe La Feria. More recently, he appeared in an episode of the Spanish series “La Casa de Papel”, alongside Cidália Moreira – who he accompanied for fifteen years-, in the theme “Grândola, Vila Morena”, an experience that, according to him, was unforgettable.

After many years, and with more than 50 years of career, Armindo Fernandes finally acceded to the requests of friends and fans and recorded, in 2022, the album “Armindo Fernandes e Amigos”, the fifteenth of the label Museu do Fado Discos. This work, a true celebration of a life at the service of Fado, has the participation of several musicians and friends, such as Jaime Santos Jr., Jorge Fernando, Carlos Manuel Proença, Paulo Paz, Miguel Gonçalves, André Teixeira, Ni Ferreirinha and Bruno Coast. Armindo also signs the authorship of seven of the ten original compositions.



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Interview with the newspaper “O Ponto” of January 12, 2022

Armindo Fernandes. Photo by Luís Carvalhal

Armindo Fernandes. Photo by Luís Carvalhal

Armindo Fernandes. Photo by Luís Carvalhal