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(N. 20 November, 1980)

Duarte Coxo, born in Évora, lived his childhood and adolescence in the town of Arraiolos. He began to sing fado for fun, but in 1997 Duarte assumes a committed relationship with “fado as a space par excellence of his musical expression”, researching traditional lyrics and melodies, beginning in parallel to writing and composing themes that are currently part of his repertoire.

In 2004 he presented his first record work “Fados Meus” and, shortly after, the theme “Dizem que o meu fado é triste” is published, his lyrics for José Joaquim Cavalheiro Jr.'s "Fado menor do Porto" (traditional melody), which is part of record collection “100 anos do Fado”, edited by the newspaper Público. In October of that year, by the hands of Maria da Fé and the poet José Luís Gordo, he joined the cast of the "Senhor Vinho" restaurant where he still sings.

During 2005, he participated in several radio and television shows, and in November 2006 he was distinguished with the Amália Rodrigues Male Revelation Artist Award. The jury stressed that the young fado singer “has qualities that support a career”.

In 2007, the Arraiolos City Council distinguishes Duarte with the Municipal Merit Medal - Cultural Section. That same year he participated in the opening show of Arena d'Évora, in the commemorative show of 50 Years of RTP, among others, having been nominated for the Mais Música Award 07, from Mais Alentejo Magazine.

At the end of this year, he was invited by composer Evanthia Reboutsika and singer Elli Paspala, for a season of nine concerts at the Polis Theater in Athens.

In 2008, he performed at the Celebrations of the Day of Portugal in Guinea-Bissau and returned to Hellenic lands to perform at the 1st Chios Mediterranean Music Festival.

Duarte composes the theme that serves as the soundtrack to the film “Mistérios de Lisboa” (by José Fonseca e Costa) that was presented in 2009, as well as his new album “Aquelas Coisas da Gente”. Since then, Duarte has presented his work at the Fado Museum and on tour in Portugal, Africa, Heartburn, and Europe.

After being nominated for 3 consecutive years, in 2009he won the Mais Musica Award from Mais Alentejo Magazine, being the most voted by the readers of this magazine, nominated alongside Virgem Suta, Mafalda Veiga, Ana Sofia Varela and António Zambujo.

In 2014 he started the project of his most recent edited work named “Sem Dor Nem Piedade”, performing, among others, at the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB) in Lisbon, France, Spain, Poland etc. The album was released in May 2015 and was received with great praise from critics and enthusiasm by the public.

On February 20, 2016, Duarte releases a CD in France that he presents at the Teatro das Abesses and then goes on tours in all regions of France, part of his concerts in Portugal.

Considered by some as “the Prince of Melancholia”, Duarte released, in 2018, the album "Só a Cantar", which deals with the ability to be alone. "No Lugar Dela", his work released in 2021, is "a record against the malice of the days" and has gathered consensus among critics.



Duarte, Museu do Fado

Duarte, Museu do Fado

  • Cá Dentro Duarte (Duarte / Maria Teresa de Noronha)