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(N. 1 January, 1941)

From a very early age, Florência is fascinated by fado. She listens, memorises and sings all the greatest hits, namely those from Amália Rodrigues’ repertoire.

At age 13, as representative of Bonfim, she entered and won the Concurso das Cantadeiras do Norte de Portugal. This competition had its final round at Coliseu do Porto and was composed by a series of rounds between young singers from Lisbon and Porto (12 from each city), and one would be elected Rainha das Cantadeiras (Queen of Singers). (Eduardo Sucena, Lisboa, o Fado e os Fadistas, p.123)

Her parents moved to Brazil, where she lived for 10 years. During this time she became known as an artist and performed in several Brazilian cities. She did shows in some Brazilian cities, as Baía, Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte and she appeared as guest artist in various TV shows and won the TV Tupi "Melhores da Semana" Trophy. She opened in São Paulo the fado restaurant "Balada de Coimbra" and invited several artists to sing, as Tristão da Silva, Tony de Matos, and Francisco José, among others. Florência has the most wonderful memories from her years in Brazil.

Upon returning to Portugal in 1968, the producer Domingos Parker invites her to sing at Casino do Estoril and in several other Portuguese casinos. Her popular repertoire leads her to tour the country singing in the so called “festas de província” (countryside festivities).

Florência releases her first records with the Orfeu label and keeps on doing popular music and fado shows. She marries Domingos Parker and they have a daughter, Sónia Cristina.

Her artistic career did not pass through the fado houses (casas de fado) but she did some shows at "O Fado", "Taberna de S. Jorge", "Cozinha Real do Fado, and "Arcada João Vaz" restaurants.

Florência sang for the Portuguese communities in Venezuela, Argentina, and in some European countries.



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  • Perseguição Florência (Avelino de Sousa / Carlos da Maia)