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Francisco Perez Andion (Paquito)

(N. 10 February, 1935 - M. 27 November, 2004)

Paquito was born in Vigo, Spain, but arrived in Lisbon at age 12 and was one of the most impressive guitar players in the history of fado.

Two of his major family references –his uncle Paco and his grandfather Jesus – owned two restaurants where people could listen to the so called fado vadio (amateur fado) - the “Charquinho” and the “Adega Perez” respectively. It was here that Paquito became acquainted with this type of music. The typical restaurant “Retiro Andaluz” later replaced the “Adega Perez”.

From his ties with musicians, singers, and poets Paquito develops his skills and at 19 begins working as a violin player at “Parreirinha de Alfama”. It was the beginning of an outstanding career playing with Alfredo “Marceneiro”, Amália Rodrigues, Alberto Ribeiro, Fernando Farinha, Maria Amélia Proença, Celeste Rodrigues, Camané, and Mafalda Arnauth, among many others.

On his top position within the musical scenery, Paquito had the opportunity to reveal and show his talent on various radio programs where he played and recorded. He also appeared in various fado houses: “Parreirinha da Alfama”, “Viela”, “Tipóia”, “Toca” e “Sr. Vinho”, and “Taverna do Embuçado”.

Paquito also performed in several international stages, namely in France, England, Poland, Rumania, Sweden, Denmark, Israel, Japan, United States, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, and Venezuela, and in Africa – Angola, Mozambique, and Guiné-Bissau.

Due to his knowledge, way of life, and posture, Paquito is today one of the most esteemed personalities within the world of fado.

He died on November 2004.


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