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Frutuoso França

(N. 26 February, 1912 - M. 22 September, 2000)

Frutuoso França was born in Alcântara, Lisbon, on February 26, 1912. He worked as a carpenter and was married to the singer Quinita Gomes. They lived on Rua Conde das Antas 48-1º Esq in Porto.

He began singing fado as an amateur at «Concentração Musical 1 de Junho de 1914». He appeared in festivities and began his professional career at Café Luso, followed by Retiro da Severa, Solar da Alegria, Café Ginásio, Café Mondego, Salão de Portugal (in Porto), Cinema Europa, Cine-Oriente, Jardim Cinema, and Promotora. His shows in Almada, at the Incrível Almadense, and in several other theatres throughout the country became famous.

In 1938 he appeared in the Portuguese vaudeville plays (Teatro de Revista) " Iscas com elas " and " Dança da luta " at Teatro Apolo.

On December 15, 1946, Guitarra de Portugal wrote: "Frutuoso França, a good artist and an even better friend has shown once more his kind heart by returning a package a poor clerk had forgotten in a tramway. Two years ago he did the same returning to its legitimate owner a wallet with money and documents he had found in Moita. This fact was mentioned in a daily newspaper.

We are happy to find out that the Fado milieu has such members. We praise Frutuoso França not for his honourable gesture but for the prestige he gave to the class he belongs to."

In 1950 he moved to Angola where he worked for ten years as a professional cutter.

In 1976 he returns to Portugal and settles in Montijo. He resumed his activity as a singer and appeared in festivities, fado houses (casas de fado), and on TV.On April 30, 1999, the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa paid him tribute at the Museu do Fado/Casa do Fado e da Guitarra Portuguesa.

He died, aged 88, on September 22, 2000, in Montijo.



Guitarra de Portugal, December 15, 1946

Information given by José Manuel Osório


Frutuoso Franca, Alves Martins and António Fonseca in Lourenço Marques, 1961

Frutuoso França, Raul Pereira and Helena Marques in the revue play "Fala o Quadro Malhoa", 1971

Frutuoso França in the Netherlands

Frutuoso França at Adega Mesquita, January 1987