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Jaime Dias

(N. 23 October, 1954)

Jaime da Glória Dias was born and raised in Alcântara. It was around that neighborhood that he began singing fado, as a child, with about 10 years old.

He was awarded with several prizes for the quality of his performance, especially between 1985 and 1991. He participated in the Grande Noite do Fado competition, that was held at the Coliseu dos Recreios, in Lisbon, for 3 times. In1988 he won the 3rd place, in 1989 achieved the 2nd place and, in 1991, was crowned the winner, on behalf of the Grupo Desportivo da Mouraria.

Jaime Dias joined the cast of the fado house "Os Ferreiras" for 14 years, with Fernando Maurício, the fado singer that is, even today, his major reference. Later he was part of the casts of Parreirinha de Alfama and Restaurante S. Miguel.

At the same time, he had concerts all over Portugal and also abroad, where he sang for the emigrant communities in Germany and the Netherlands, and in cities like Newark, Toulouse and Brussels.

The fado of Jaime Dias is traditional, full of strength and feeling, where we can see the influence of his idol, Fernando Maurício, presented in a very unique style.

His interpretations are registered on 7 cd's and some compilations , which include titles like "Esta Noite Choveu Fado" , "Emoções" , "Todo Voz e Fado", or the latest "Tradicional", recorded in 2012.

Jaime Dias style of singing is also an inspiration to younger fado generations, in which the singers Pedro Galveias and Ricardo Ribeiro are examples.

The neighborhood of Mouraria "adopted” him and now his image is at the Largo das Olarias, portrayed in a photograph of Camilla Watson, at the mural photography exhibition "Portraits of Fado - A Tribute to the Mouraria quarter”.



Jaime Dias, s/d

Jaime Dias, s/d

Jaime Dias, Ricardo Parreira e Guilherme Carvalhais, Visitas Cantadas na Mouraria, 2012

Jaime Dias, António Parreira e Guilherme Carvalhais, Visitas Cantadas na Mouraria, 2012

  • Fica Nesta Saudade Jaime Dias (Mário Rainho / Armando Machado)