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José Carvalhinho

(N. 21 January, 1951 - M. 21 March, 2018)

Son of the virtuoso guitarist Francisco Carvalhinho, José Carvalhinho soon discovered his taste for the Fado viola.

At the age of 15, he started playing at the Casa de Fados “A Tipóia”, in Lisbon, accompanying Casimiro Ramos and, later, his father, to whom he owes much of his knowledge.

He passed by some of the most iconic Fado Houses in the city, such as “Luso”, “Marquês da Sé” and “Esquina de Alfama”.

Throughout his life, he accompanied numerous artists, such as Vasco Rafael, Maria da Nazaré, Liana, Fernanda Maria, Fernando Farinha, António Mourão, Gonçalo Salgueiro, among many others, having also been part of the range of musicians of the "Grande Noite do Fado", at the Lisbon Coliseum, next to Edgar Nogueira.

On television, he was the resident musician of “Passeio dos Alegres”, presented by Júlio Isidro, on RTP.

José Carvalhinho's vast career was not limited to Fado houses. He was the director of the musical “Amália”, by Filipe La Féria, for nine years and, in addition, the musician was also a reference for the new generations of fadistas and instrumentalists, leaving in his disciples the indelible mark of a refined and great technique and musical knowledge.

He passed away on March 21, 2018.





José Carvalhinho

José Carvalhinho and Edgar Nogueira, 2001

Fernando Maurício, Arménio de Melo, Edgar Nogueira and José Carvalhinho, Coliseu, 2001