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Júlio Peres

(N. 21 April, 1909 - M. 26 July, 1995)

Júlio Peres was born in Alcântara. He lost his mother, so he spent his childhood with his grandfather and his sister. As a child he reveals a great potential talent and begins singing at only 11 years old. By 15, Júlio Peres sings in serenades in Lisbon, becoming a professional at 18, when he starts performing at fado houses.

Along with his artistic activity, he also managed “Café Luso”.

The book “Histórias do Fado” says: “Among his regular companions were Gabino Ferreira, Frutuoso França, José Coelho, Júlio Vieitas and Manuel Calixto, who he joined in several “cegadas”.

Owner of an excellent voice, Júlio Peres was also a wonderful dancer and won many awards.

From his repertoire we highlight the themes “Velho Tinteiro”, “Como a Vida Passa” and “Ó Minha Mãe Minha Amada”.

"He performed at the Opening Party of Cervejaria Monumental, on the 19 July 1945, along with Isabel de Oliveira, Fernanda Baptista, Moisés Campelos, Berta Cardoso, the gipsy singer Maria Helena Maia and Ivete Pessoa (who debuted successfully)" (cf. Guitarra de Portugal, 22 July 1945).



“Guitarra de Portugal”, 22 July 1945

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  • Mal de Amor Júlio Peres (António Vilar da Costa / João B.)