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Júlio Vieitas

(N. 8 August, 1915 - M. 8 June, 1990)

Júlio Vieitas was born in Caldas da Rainha, on the 8 August 1915 and started singing fado at a very young age. For this reason, he decides to look for new opportunities in the city at 15 years old, finding some when he starts working in sales. At 17 years old he performed at “Retiro da Basalisa”, and then at night feasts and popular associations.

In 1937 Júlio Vieitas debuts as a professional at “Café Mondego”, and afterwards he sings at “Solar da Alegria”, “Café Vera Cruz” and “Café Latino”. He also performed at “Café Luso”, “Sala Júlia Mendes”, “Café Monumental” and “Cervejaria Artística”.

In 1943, he joined a tour across the centre and north of the country, managed by Ercília Costa, performing for some time at “Cinema Olímpia”, in Porto, where he also sang at “Candeia” and “Solar da Saudade”. Also in Porto he sang at “Taverna de São Jorge”, Hotel D. Henrique, “Cozinha Real do Fado”, “Casa da Mariquinhas” and at “Rabelo”, in Vila Nova de Gaia. Coimbra also watched him sing, namely at “Retiro do Hilário”.

In 1954 and 1960 he sang at fados shows at Emissora Nacional, Rádio Clube Português and Emissores Associados de Lisboa, which contributed to his artistic projection and for him to performed at “Caliça”, “Parreirinha do Rato”, “Ritz Club”, “Adega da Lucília”, “Adega Mesquita”, “Faia”, “Nau Catrineta”, “Paraíso das Guitarras” and “Parreirinha de Alfama”.

He reveals himself as an artist/presenter in 1957, at “Vira de Cascais”; that same year he was one of the first fado singers to perform at RTP’s experimental shows.

In 1970 he returned to Alfama as artistic director of “Arabita”.

Júlio Vieitas also distinguished himself as an author, writing some well-known fado lyrics – some of which with music composed by him – such as “Juventude”, “A Cigana”, “Princesa do Tejo” and “Varina dos Olhos Verdes”.

He recorded several records, namely in 1979 when he recorded the album “Fado da Velha Guarda” with Gabino Ferreira, Júlio Peres, Manuel Calixto, José Coelho and Frutuoso França.

He was honoured several times. After the 25 April revolution, he was honoured at the Tertúlia Festa Brava (1979), in Caldas da Rainha (1985) and by the group "Amigos de Lisboa" (1986).

He died on the 8 June 1990.



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  • Ser Fadista Júlio Vieitas (Júlio Vieitas / Armandinho)