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Paulo Valentim

Paulo Valentim Ribeiro de Almeida, fado guitarist, composer and lyricist was born in Lisbon in 1964.

He started his training with Octávio Sérgio (musician from Coimbra, José Afonso's companion). Later, he got closer to Lisbon's music and integrated himself into the fadista scene. He accompanied almost all professional fado singers, including Amália Rodrigues, in a small private party on the island of Madeira.

Paulo participated in several concerts by Simone de Oliveira, and in several poetry sessions with Ruy de Carvalho, Eunice Muñoz and Lourdes Norberto. He collaborated with Dulce Pontes in some of her shows and, as a musician, he participates in several plays, such as “Maldita Cocaína” (by Filipe La Féria), “Passa por mim no Rossio” (Filipe La Féria), “Dois actores um texto e uma conversa” (Varela Silva, Curado Ribeiro and Rui de Carvalho), “Judite nome de guerra” (João Grosso) and “Olhos nos Olhos” (Lourdes Norberto).

In parallel with his activity as an accompanist, he develops the composition for fado, theater, cinema and dance.

"Passa por mim no Rossio" (Theater), ”Dois actores um texto e uma conversa” (Theater), Revista Theater, “Noventa e oito octanas” (cinema), “Cais de Alcântara” (ballet), “Olhos nos olhos”(Theater) were some of the artistic projects in which he collaborated as a composer.

Later, in partnership, he composed the music for the show “Fado - História de um Povo”, at Casino Estoril.

Having an international career with more than twenty years, he performed in the most important concert halls in the world.

Kátia Guerreiro, after Fernando Maurício, Maria da Fé and Mafalda Arnauth, was the fado singer with whom he last developed a constant and permanent work. For this fado singer, Paulo composed the successes “Segredos” and “Pranto de amor ausente”.

At the invitation of the Presidency of the Republic, he participated in the cultural embassies of three state visits.

He has extensive collaboration with the Marchas Populares de Lisboa, where he has been composing since 2000, having won several first prizes.

He is a member of SPA with more than 400 works in the fields of music and plastic arts.

In the 21st century, he takes over the management of the emblematic "Parreirinha de Alfama", a historical space of central importance in the history of Fado, revitalizing one of the oldest typical houses in the city of Lisbon.