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Pedro Jóia

(N. 30 May, 1970)

He was born in 1970. With seven years old, he started studies of Classic Guitar at Academia dos Amadores de Música, with Professor Paulo Valente Pereira.

In the year of 1985 he entered the National Conservatory, where he studied with Professor Manuel Morais, concluding the course of Classic Guitar in 1990.

After 1986 he initiated his studies of Flamenco Guitar, first as self-taught and afterwards taking several courses and master classes in Spain (Jerez de la Frontera and Cordoba) with the guitarists Paco Peña and Manolo Sanlúcar. He maintained his studies with the second until 1998.

"Guadiano" (1996) and "Sueste" (1999) were the records that placed the guitarist and composer Pedro Jóia in the panorama of the music made in Portugal. Although at first with a strong influence and passion for the Flamenco Guitar, his origins ended up by speaking louder. So, "Variações Sobre Paredes" (2001) marked another stage in his career, with this homage to one of the greatest masters of Coimbra’s Guitar, Carlos Paredes.

After "Jacarandá" (2003), a record where he gathered a number of guest Brazilian musicians, such as Elba Ramalho, Simone, Zeca Baleiro, Zélia Duncan, among others, he travels to Brazil, where he starts an intense collaboration with Ney Matogrosso, between 2003 e 2006.

He returns to Portugal in 2007 to make his fifth record, "À espera de Armandinho", an interpretation of transcripts to Classic Guitar from works originally composed for Portuguese Guitar by Armandinho, another of its biggest instrumentalists, in this case of Lisbon’s Guitar.

His show “Mourarias”, in duo with the percussionist Vicky, pretends to gather themes of his authorship, in a reflection over his origins as a musician and composer, referenced in his first two records, "Guadiano" e "Sueste", and now also about the two most important composers and instrumentalists of Coimbra’s and Lisbon’s Guitar.

"À Espera de Armandinho" (2007), a solo record where he transcribes to classical guitar works by the great Lisbon guitarist and composer from the first half of the 20th century – Armando A. Freire, won him the Carlos Paredes Prize the following year. This feat was achieved a second time, in 2021, with the album "Zeca", a tribute to José Afonso.

In this interval, Pedro Jóia joined the musical group "Resistência", in 2013, and also recorded the albums "Ao Vivo com Orquestra de Câmara Meridional", in 2015 and "Vendaval", in 2017, with the Pedro Jóia Trio.

In March 2022, Pedro Jóia takes the stage of the Great Auditorium of the Centro Cultural de Belém in an unforgettable concert, where the audience will be able to listen to versions for guitar and percussion of emblematic works by authors as diverse as Armandinho, Carlos Paredes or José Afonso, in addition to music composed by himself.



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