3 July, 2013

Disquiet | International Literary Program


Between June 30 and July 12, 2013 will be held the third edition of the program Disquiet | International Literary Program, sponsored by the National Cultural Centre for the third consecutive year.

Under this program takes place at the Museum of Fado, the 4th of July at 18:30, the conference "The Portuguese Fado: From Afro-Brazilian to a National Identity", by Rui Vieira Nery.

Project Disquiet was released by literary organization nonprofit Dzanc Books, based in Michigan, United States of America, and part of the principle that immersion in a foreign culture, in an environment different from usual, and the consequent breakage of routines, tend to stimulate creativity , opening new perspectives and new angles for interpreting the world that surrounds us, resulting in a undoubted enrichment for all those participating in it.


More information: www.cnc.pt