20 June, 2010

Tribute to Maria Amélia Proença


On June 19, 2010 the Fado Museum hosted a meeting with Maria Amelia Proenca and a tribute by his 60 year career, organized by APAF (Portuguese Association of Friends of Fado).


"Maria Amélia Proença is one of the oldest people singing fado in active and maintains a tone of voice and expression that distinguishes it from all the people who sing," said the president of the APAF, Julieta Castro.

Another characteristic that makes Maria Amelia Proenca particular lies in the fact that she is one of the few who continues to sing traditional fado, melodies dating back to the early and mid-twentieth century and which are sung in quarts, fifths, sixths, tenths  and Alexandrian.

Julieta Castro ao DN


In tribute session conducted by journalist Nuno Lopes, were reviewed the 60 year career of the fado singer, creator of “O fado não é isto” and “Lisboa tem mil janelas”. Maria Amélia Proença also received from the hands of Ana Maria Mendes, from the direction of APAF, a commemorative plaque.


The session ended with a performance of the honoree and Joana Costa - Amalia Rodrigues Revelation Prize winner 2009, accompanied on guitar by José Manuel Neto and viola by Carlos Manuel Proença.


After the tribute dinner was held at the Museum Café where they met fans and friends of the singer.