Horas da Vida


For the general public, Francisco Salvação Barreto has been one of Fado's best kept secrets. He started singing from a young age among family and friends and, naturally, Fado becomes part of his life. He performs in fado houses (currently part of the cast of Sr. Vinho) and in several shows in Portugal and abroad. It is deeply marked by traditional fado. In the words of Camané, who signs the voice direction, “his style, authentic, imposed itself in his way of singing. For years, he matured in fado houses and in contact with other fado singers. This was his school. Today, his maturity is revealed in the way he manages to recreate the movements of traditional fados. With a faster pace, but without ever losing the sense of the word and the strength of an emotional register. (…) This is the first record, but it is not a beginner's record”.