Espontâneos do Fado

In 2010 the Museum of Fado continues the cycle Espontâneos do Fado, an initiative coordinated by João Gil that consists in a challenge to various personalities of the most distinct areas so that, in an atmosphere of gathering, they sing the fados of their election.

Through the stage of the Espontâneos do Fado cycle passed Luís Represas, Catarina Wallenstein, Manuel Marques, Herman José and Pedro Patrocínio, who accepted the invitation of João Gil to play the role of fadista for one night.

João Gil is in charge of the choice of interpreters and, through short essays, to explore with them a personalized interpretation that shows the potential of each one’s voice for the fados they choose to sing.

The Espontâneos do Fado sessions are monthly and take place in the Café of the Museu do Fado, always on Mondays, at 10h00pm.