Fado on the Waterfront | Online

The Fado Museum, CCB and Antena 1 make available online the concerts of the Fado in the Waterfront cycle, from 2018 and 2019, on the RTP Play platform, so that you can listen to them at home, on the day and time that suits you best. We start in early May, with three unforgettable shows that sold out the Grand Auditorium. Put your debut dates on RTP Play in the agenda.


CAMANÉ . May 1st

For the second consecutive day, Camané sold out the CCB Grand Auditorium, in a concert divided into two parts: the first with themes from his album “Camané sings Marceneiro” and the second with a retrospective of the fados that marked his journey. In the tribute to Alfredo Marceneiro, the chosen fados presented the pioneering spirit and innovative vocal capacity that marked Marceneiro and who has in Camané his worthy “musical heir”, both in style and in the emotion that he prints in each interpretation. In the second part, among the themes that we all know in the voice of Camané, he sang "Ela tinha uma amiga (chamada Maria)" and "Sei de um Rio", among many others that resulted in endless ovations. An absolutely unforgettable concert, by one of the most consensual fado singers today.
Camané was accompanied by José Manuel Neto on the Portuguese guitar, Carlos Manuel Proença on the fado guitar and Paulo Paz on the double bass. The concert took place on October 12, 2018.
Through Antena 1, the recording is by Rui Borges and Gonçalo Lopes, the production and editing, by Cristina Condinho, and the voiceover by Noémia Gonçalves.


Always, and forever, Fadista... In this concert, Katia Guerreiro presented her album "Sempre", which brought a surprising and unexpected asset: the wise, surgical and immaculate production of José Mário Branco. Unanimously recognized as one of the most important fado singers of the new millennium, Katia Guerreiro took the stage with the theme "A Minha Vida", starting point for an elegant and emotional show, full of soul and truth, where fados like "Dia Não" or "Fora de Cena" crossed paths with some of the stories that the fado singer shared with the audience.
Accompanying Katia Guerreiro were Pedro de Castro and Luís Guerreiro on the Portuguese guitar, João Veiga and André Ramos on the fado guitar and Francisco Gaspar on the bass guitar, musicians and fellow travelers and adventures around the world. The concert took place on February 15, 2019. Production and editing by Antena 1 is by Cristina Condinho.


This was the concert celebrating Jorge Fernando's 40 years of career. Musician, fado singer and producer, he is one of the most sung composers in Portuguese music. He accompanied Amália Rodrigues around the world and wrote for some of the biggest names in Fado, such as Fernando Maurício, Ricardo Ribeiro, Camané, Ana Moura and Mariza, among many others. Affirming himself today as an icon of Fado, he presented some unedited themes and revisited his greatest successes in this celebration concert full of friends. The guests who joined the party were Custódio Castelo, with his Portuguese guitar, and Mariza who, almost at the end of the show, sang "Chuva", a theme composed by Jorge Fernando, offering her friend, and the audience, two more themes. Tozé Brito also took the stage, on behalf of SPA - Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores, to award him the Medal of Honor.
The musicians who accompanied Jorge Fernando on stage, on this celebration, were André Dias and Bruno Chaveiro on the Portuguese guitar, Davide Zaccaria on the cello and João Pina on the vocal support. The concert took place on February 9, 2018.
Through Antena 1, the capture is by Gonçalo Lopes, the production by Cristina Condinho and the voiceover by Andreia Pinto.

Each of these concerts was broadcast on Antena 1, in a version of about 50 minutes. It is this broadcast that will be available on RTP Play, remaining online until June 30th.

The cycle Há Fado no Cais is co-produced by Egeac / Museu do Fado and CCB since 2012. It has the support of Antena 1.

Photos: José Frade / Egeac