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Diana Vilarinho

(N. 15 October, 1997)

Diana Vilarinho is a young fado singer that has been gathering interest among the ones that have been lucky to see her live.

Started singing at 7 because her mother wanted her to have activities outside school. She wanted Karate but it was not approved by her parents.

That’s when she found out that she knew how to sing, first with popular songs and then at 9 with fado that for her was an old people genre.

At 15 she became resident in her first fado house and at 18, after finishing high-school she decided to spend some time in India, as a volunteer (which is still part of her life in Portugal nowadays).

Her first musical passion was Ana Moura first record but she now quotes Maria José da Guia (1929-1992) and Carlos do Carmo (n.1939) as her biggest influences in fado.

In her 20th anniversary birthday she has already conquered a lot like the “Grande Noite do Fado” in 2008 and three participations in the biggest fado festival in Portugal (Caixa Alfama Lisboa).

As all the great Fado singers, Diana usually sings in the most emblematic Fado Houses keeping her close to a reality that lives not only for the big theaters but mainly for the small, smoky and informal Lisbon Fado Houses.

The First cd, with an exquisite repertoire handpicked by her and with production of the singer Ricardo Ribeiro, who also contributes with music to one of the songs and Carminho who accepted the invitation to write and compose another, was released in 2021, by Sony, and surely will confirm the talent of a great singer.

In concert Diana presents herself with the traditional Fado Trio, Portuguese Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Acoustic Bass Guitar.



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