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João da Mata

João da Mata was born in Cascais. When he was 10, after finishing primary school, his parents moved to Lisbon, to the old Bica district, where he wrote his first poems for singer Manuel Serafim, also from Bica.

A Portuguese guitar player and popular poet, he once owned a restaurant with Alfredo Correeiro, at Rua do Benformoso, no. 85, called Arcádia Bairrista, where did fado singers of that time used to go.

He was director of the newspaper Canção Nacional (1927/1928).

"Yesterday [29 July 1933] the artists of Grupo Artístico de Fados left for the Colonies on board of ship «Niassa»: Berta Cardoso, Madalena de Melo, Armando Augusto Freire (Armandinho), Martinho d'Assunção Júnior and João da Mata." (Cf. Guitarra de Portugal, 31 July 1933).

In December 1933 he married the singer Madalena de Melo in Africa, during the tour. (Cf. Guitarra de Portugal).

"On the 15 [April 1934] Mr. Martinho d'Assunção Júnior, Mr. João da Mata and singer Madalena de Melo returned from the harbours of Western and Eastern Africa on board the ship «Mouzinho». These artists once belonged to «Grupo Artístico de Fados», which no longer exists. Of this group, guitar player Armandinho and singer Berta Cardoso have not yet returned" (Cf Guitarra de Portugal, 21 April 1934).

On the 28 October 1939 he travelled to Alentejo, with a group which also included Mariana Chagas, Maria Silva and Georgino de Sousa" (Cf. Guitarra de Portugal 25 October 1939).

"Our dear editor-in-chief João da Mata has been hospitalised since the 14 at Hospital D Estefânia, Serviço 1, Sala 1, fighting against a stubborn illness in the past few months " (Cf. Guitarra da Portugal, 1 October 1946).

"This dear colleague of ours returned home after a 40-day hospitalization and is on his way to recovery. To João da Mata, who was forced to interrupt his activity at this newspaper 3 months ago, we wish a rapid convalescence and a quick return to our company" (Cf. Guitarra de Portugal, 15 October 1946).

"João da Mata is no longer editor-in-chief of Guitarra de Portugal" (Cf. Guitarra de Portugal, 15 February 1947).

"João da Mata has thanked the solidarity of Guitarra de Portugal. He does not have to thank us on any reason, nor have those who have worked on behalf of the National Song and can no longer to that today. We only regret that the produce of our shows and fundraising actions cannot do as much as we wished they could." (Guitarra de Portugal, 15 March 1947).

João da Mata died in 1947.



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João da Mata, Madalena de Melo, Armando Freire, Berta Cardoso, Martinho d´Assunção Grupo Artístico de Fados, 1933 Grupo Artístico de Fados, 1933

João da Mata (detalhe) Grupo Artístico de Fados, 1933

Folheto de Repertórios | Song Lyrics Brochure, Grupo Artístico de Fados, s/d.

Folheto de Repertórios | Song Lyrics Brochure, Grupo Artístico de Fados, s/d.