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Maria Valejo

(N. 30 March, 1944 - M. March, 1944)

Daughter of Joaquim Garcia Valejo and Dulce Rosado Valejo, Maria Joana Rosado Valejo was born on the 30 March 1944, in Reguengos de Monsaraz. She became interested in the fado sung among the family at a young age,

Against her family’s will, she comes to Lisbon at years old, joining the Centro de Preparação de Artistas da Emissora Nacional.

By initiative of the presenter and entrepreneur Marques Vidal, she becomes a professional and meets the duo Eduardo Damas and Manuel Paião, decisive names in her career, authors of most of the hits interpreted by Maria Valejo, essentially composed by fado-canção and fado-castiço.

Maria Valejo performs at Lisbon’s most important typical houses, debuting at "Timpanas" and singing at "Painel do Fado", "Taverna D´El Rei", which she owned, and most recently "Faia".

She also performs at shows in Cinema Condes, popular associations, and television broadcast shows. Her versatility gives her the chance to join the vaudeville theatre at Parque Mayer and she debuts in "Zona Azul", invited by José Miguel. She also performed in vaudeville theatre, debuting at "Zona Azul", and later participating in "Roupa na Corda", "Vivo Velho 2", and the joining the touring vaudeville play "Com paio e sem laranjas" with Joel Branco, always with great success.

Maria Valejo travels through the whole country in shows, either solo or accompanied by other artists, and enjoys a big success in Brazil, with sold out shows at "Lisboa à Noite" (Rio de Janeiro). Curiously, the fado singer becomes noticed due to her wardrobe: wearing short skirts and without the typical shawl, she becomes known as the “mini skirt fado singer!”

Gathering all the conditions to be a successful artist, Maria Valejo is invited to record by the label Alvorada in 1967 and 1972. Movieplay released the CD "Os Maiores Sucessos" in 1993, and in 1997 the fado singer participates in the collection "O Melhor dos Melhores", with the hits "Como posso ter ciúmes" and "O segredo que eu te disse" by Manuel Paião and Eduardo Damas.

In 2007, Maria Valejo is honoured with the Career Award for Interpreter by Casa da Imprensa.



  • Mandei a Saudade Embora Maria Valejo (Domingos Silva / Jorge Fontes)