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Paulo Soares

Paulo Soares is one of the most versatile and generous Portuguese guitar players ever.

He has studied and researched the instrument for over 35 years, seeking excellence in sonority and musical discourse. His innovative synthesis of the techniques and intensions of the traditional guitars of Coimbra and Lisbon are the foundation for his enormous musical and guitar versatility, full of enthusiasm and depth.

Throughout his interesting career, Paulo Soares has interpreted not only the traditional repertoire but also pieces of his own, of the most varied guitarists, his contemporaries, of classical composers and others. He has the experience of countless performances all over the world and collaborations with some of the most outstanding artists of Portuguese music, as well as the inclusion of the guitar in several musical groups, including the accompaniment of fados, guitar recitals as a soloist, duos, trios, guitar sextets, extended guitar groups, string quartet, saxophone quartets, jazz quintet, pop music, soloist with several classical orchestras, debut of countless pieces and arrangements by him and other national and foreign composers. As a soloist he has always been present at the most important Portuguese guitar festivals.

As a pedagogue and promoter of the Portuguese guitar, Paulo Soares' work is undoubtedly one of the most important. He is the author and editor of the "Portuguese Guitar Method", a reference work in the learning of the instrument. He has consistently taught, helped other teachers and generously shared several transcripts of his own, being one of the biggest drivers of the modern development of our guitar.