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Pedro Homem de Mello

(N. 6 September, 1904 - M. 5 March, 1984)

Lyric Poet and author of so many works, Pedro da Cunha Pimental Homem de Mello was born in Oporto, in 1904. He took a Law Degree in Universidade de Lisboa.

He was deputy of the General Attorney; he dedicated his life teaching and became Headmaster of Escola Comercial Mouzinho da Silveira.

Pedro Homem de Mello was also journalist and researcher of popular traditions and national folklore, mostly from the north of Portugal, which he broadcasted on TV for many years.

His participation on the literary magazine named “Presença”, published in 1927, in Coimbra, is an important remark.

Pedro Homem de Mello wrote a great number of poetical works; he had published more than 30 works since 30’s till 70’s. Despite he’s not a well-known author; Pedro Homem de Mello took his place in the national cultural panorama. He won some prizes giving evidence to his skills: Prémio Antero de Quental (1939), Prémio Ocidente (1964), and the Prémio Nacional de Poesia (1972).

Amália Rodrigues immortalized some of his words, particularly, unforgettable themes on Fado named “Povo que lavas no rio”, “O rapaz da camisola verde”, “Havemos de ir a Viana” and “Fria Claridade”.

He died in 1984.



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  • Povo Que Lavas No Rio Amália Rodrigues (Pedro Homem de Mello / Joaquim Campos)