4 June, 2009

Alain Oulman (1928-1990): As Mãos Que Trago


On June 4, 2009 the Museu do  Fado opened the temporary exhibition Alain Oulmain (1928-1990): As Mãos Que Trago, a righteous homage to the legacy of the Luso-French composer, who greatly influenced fado and Portuguese popular music.

This exhibition presented the unseen collection of Alain Oulman in several nuclei illustrating his many facets as a writer, editor and director, in addition to biographical objects and memoirs, depositions and records of its continuity in the interpretation of themes by contemporary artists.

To emphasize the correspondence with Amalia Rodrigues and the writings of authors such as José Régio, Pedro Homem de Mello, Ary dos Santos, Manuel Alegre and Mário Soares.

To highlight the exhibition opening Camané sung some of the major themes that Alain Oulman composed for Amália Rodrigues, accompanied on the piano by Mário Laginha.