Pedro de Castro




male name

1. Private party.

2. Small party.


Pedro de Castro does not experience music alone. Inspiration, experiences and sharing are memories lived and shared with friends over the years, during the course of nights in Lisbon or anywhere else in the world.


Pedro de Castro has been recording for decades - as a guitarist and producer - alongside Fado voices. Now the time has come to make a Feast with the voice of his Portuguese Guitar alongside the fado guitars of André Ramos, Jaime Santos, Carlos Manuel Proença, João Mário Veiga and Diogo Clemente. They also join Artur Caldeira on classical guitar and Francisco Gaspar on bass guitar. Longtime friends and companions of many nights of partying that bring a multiplicity of musical languages to this album.


Festim pays homage to the great composers of themes for the Portuguese guitar who are still present at the nights that bring together Fado musicians, instrumentals that are passed down orally from generation to generation. Pedro de Castro did not bring them together with a historical or ethnographic purpose, but only according to the criterion of being some of his favorite compositions.


For Pedro de Castro, a small party can be a big party.

Silence, the Feast is about to begin!