The School of the Museum is one of the major focuses of this municipal museum. It integrates the general goals of research, promotion and divulgation of the universe of Fado and the Portuguese Guitar.

This school opened in 2002 aiming at promoting the preservation, safeguarding and divulgation of this musical tradition – linked as off its beginning to the oral tradition – and the promotion and creation of a musical heritage for the future.

Its pedagogical programme includes Courses on Portuguese Guitar, Seminars for Fado Lyric Writers, Seminars on Fado Poetry, and a Rehearsal Room for Fado Interpreters.

Two auditions are held with the presence of students and faculty twice a year. These sessions are open to the general public.


Museum School opening hours: Monday thru Friday 2pm – 8pm

Office opening hours: Monday thru Friday 10am – 1pm; 2.30pm – 6pm