Bernardo Couto | Há Fado no Cais

You can attend this concert at Centro Cultural de Belém at 7pm. 
It will also be streamed online at 9:30 pm. 



«The idea of this concert is to present the work that the guitarist Bernardo Saldanha and I have been busy producing throughout almost the whole of the lockdown. I wish to leave my own personal contribution to the repertoire of Lisbon guitar playing, with the sole aim of its one day being performed by the city’s guitarists and thus becoming part of this musical heritage that I belong to.


The greatest challenge presented by this project of ten guitar pieces was always to compose something that fitted in with the Lisbon fado “language” but which, at the same time, had its own distinctive stamp. Only time and the audience will prove whether this aim has been successfully achieved.» – Bernardo Couto



Portuguese Guitar - Bernardo Couto

Fado Guitar Bernardo - Saldanha


Photography © Luís Carvalhal/Museu do Fado

Coprodução Museu do Fado/EGEAC e CCB 


Bernardo Couto ®Luís Carvalhal/Museu do Fado

Bernardo Couto ®Luís Carvalhal/Museu do Fado