Bodas de Coral - António Pinto Basto

On July 24th, 2009, the singer Antonio Pinto Basto presents his album Bodas de Coral at the Museu do Fado, accompanied by José Luís Nobre Costa (Portuguese guitar), Francisco Gonçalves (spanish guitar) and Armando Figueiredo (bass guitar).

António Pinto Basto will play well known songs of his repertoire, which integrate the album that celebrates its 35-year career.

The album Bodas de Coral marks the debut of Antonio Pinto Basto as an author of poems on the theme Madrigal para Amalia, written in tribute to the singer.

Previously, Antonio Pinto Basto had already composed some songs, such as Nobre Cidade Évora, edited in the album Rosa Branca, or Já Vives dentro de mim, integrated in the album Maria. In Bodas de Coral Antonio Pinto Basto presents once more his own compositions on the themes: Gostava, with poem by Vasco Telles da Gama, and O Castanheiro, a poem of his grandfather, João Vasconcellos e Sá.