Há Fado no Cais | A Portuguese Guitar Concert

Pedro de Castro invites Bernardo Couto and Luís Guerreiro

A Portuguese Guitar Concert:
invites Bernardo Couto and Luís Guerreiro


fes·tim (feast)


1. Banquet.

2. Private party.

3. Small party.


Pedro de Castro does not live music alone. Inspiration, experiences and sharing are memories lived and shared with friends over the years, in the course of nights in Lisbon or anywhere else in the world.

In the beginning, his Portuguese guitar accompanied that of José Luís Nobre Costa – his master – and that was how Pedro de Castro took his first steps on national and international stages alongside his greatest reference. 30 years later and Pedro de Castro is today one of the most charismatic Portuguese guitarists. Bernardo Couto and Luís Guerreiro have always been friends and as the hustle and bustle of the days makes them often play separately, when they get together the party is certain.

In this concert at the Grand Auditorium of the CCB, Pedro de Castro presents an instrumental album – edited by the Museu do Fado Records – in which he brings together themes from the great names of Portuguese Guitar composition to whom the guitarist pays tribute. The fado guitars of André Ramos and Jaime Santos are assiduous company and the bass guitar of Francisco Gaspar too – on record and on stage. Artur Caldeira's classical guitar combines with the mastery that characterizes the musician from Braga.

For Pedro de Castro, a small party can be a big party. When he thought about the presentation of this album, several ideas came up: “what if we invited Couto and Guerreiro?”. The usual laughter invaded the phone call and thus this concert between friends was born. Silence that will start the feast.


Photography: José Frade / Egeac

Co-production: Museu do Fado / Egeac and CCB


This concert is broadcast live on the BOL platform.

You can watch it online from 9pm on December 9th to 11:59pm on December 11th. Tickets for streaming here.

© José Frade / Egeac

© José Frade / Egeac