Há Fado no Cais

Sérgio Onze

Sérgio Onze started learning music at the age of six. A young and talented stylist, he has also been distinguished, since a very young age, with several Fado awards, singing in some of the most emblematic Fado houses in Lisbon: Luso, Adega Machado, Tasca do Chico, O Faia, Tasca da Bela and Parreirinha de Alfama. His strong and confident timbre is united with an intense and genuine interpretation capacity. Sérgio Onze will release his first album, which will be presented live in the Há Fado no Cais cycle.

Concert with Portuguese Sign Language Interpreter


Photo: ©Ricardo Santos

Co-production: Museu do Fado | Egeac and CCB