José Pracana

19 November, 2019 to 31 May, 2020


Musician, singer, collector and researcher, José Pracana is widely renowned as one of the major figures in the history of Fado. An amateur by belief, he always stood next to all the great names of Fado – from Amália Rodrigues to Maria Teresa de Noronha, and from Alfredo Marceneiro to João Ferreira Rosa – performing in various stages across the world and studying traditional Fado, both empowering it and safeguarding it for future memory. Throughout different decades he witnessed and gave a major contribution to some relevant events in the history of Fado. He was, indeed, one of the most complete figures of Fado.

A man of culture always open to his fellowmen. His drive was the warmth of socialising. Socialising in both pubs and palaces. His humanity touched the hearts of both princes and commoners. The memory of such an absolute presence – who was able to transform a brief moment, without neither past nor future, into an unforgettable moment in life – still lingers in the hearts of all those who met him.  


As the old saying goes “Fadista is someone who sings the Fado but also those who feel it” – and I would dare to add “and those who know it”. And so, my dear Friend Zé Pracana – with its triple status of inspired singer, of great lover of Fado, and of major expert on its practice and history, and of the way these three features intertwined so uniquely – was undoubtedly one of the top fadistas I have met.

Rui Vieira Nery


José Pracana often gave up being himself to embody a powerful universal personality that made him a special, attractive and unique person. It is the art of being everybody.

João Braga


On display is José Pracana's vast personal collection: photographs, newspapers, discs, documents, letters, musical instruments, trophies and decorations, making it possible to view images from archives of broadcasted television programs. The recreation of his retreat in Ponta Delgada also allows an approximation to the unique environment of the fadistas' gatherings that he promoted.

The exhibition is open until May 31.

Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm (last entry: 5:30 pm)


Price Information:

Ticket: 5 € (with access to the permanent exhibition)

Reductions for people under 25, over 65 and organized groups, among others.

Booking guided tours and information: / 21 882 34 70


Photo: Margarida Macedo Basto / Museu do Fado

Photo: Margarida Macedo Basto / Museu do Fado

Photo: Margarida Macedo Basto / Museu do Fado

Photo: Margarida Macedo Basto / Museu do Fado