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Ana Margarida Prado

(N. 9 June, 1983)

Ana Margarida Prado was born on June 9, 1983, in Oliveira de Azeméis. When she was a little girl, her mother gave her the taste for fado, having studied piano and classical music from 6 to 18 years old. She spent hours singing, with her mother and sister, the fado songs of Teresa Tarouca, Teresa Silva Carvalho, Maria da Fé and Amália, either around the house or on their way to the city of Guarda, her mother's hometown. These musical memories are among the richest and most important that Ana Margarida keeps until today.

Throughout her academic career, mainly at university, he discovered Musical Theater and world music and was part of the cast of several plays and musical shows such as the multimedia concert “Bach2Cage” in 2002/03, the musical “Navio dos Rebeldes” in 2004 and “Fungágá da Bicharada” in 2005.

In 2008 she received the Revelation Prize at the Fado Gala at Teatro Sá da Bandeira and thus began to sing at the great Fado nights in the city of Porto: "Porto canta Amália" (sponsored by Maria da Fé), "40 Anos de Lenita Gentil" and "Dia Internacional da Mulher", com Cidália Moreira. That same year, she recorded a compilation with the finalists of the 2nd Encontro de Fados de Almada.

The following year, she was selected for the cast of two musical shows on the island of Mallorca (Spain), on tour for half a year. In 2011 she began her international career, taking her fado to Switzerland and has also been to other countries such as Spain, France, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Russia, Romania, Luxembourg and recently in Morocco, Poland, Belgium and Namibia.

In her performances, which are increasingly requested, she seeks the most heartfelt, pure, and original expression that earned her the invitations to take her Fado beyond borders.

Upon moving to Lisbon, she began to tour the various Fado Houses in the city, having performed at Sr. Vinho, Adega Machado, A Severa, Fado ao Carmo and Maria da Mouraria.

Ana Margarida Prado has already participated in several record projects, always alongside several renowned artists. She was part of the project "+351 – Os Fados de João Gil e João Monge"; "Bela Ensemble" e "Rio Lisboa" and, in March 2022, she began an artistic residency at Fábrica Braço de Prata with the challenge of Fado being accompanied by different sounds and formations and the freedom to explore and develop her versatility as a performer, singer and fadista.

In January 2023, and after several years of singing, Ana Margarida Prado took the stage of the Centro Cultural de Belém. The concert, marked by the celebration of several years of career, together with the presentation of some repertoire that will be part of his first album, had the participation of Ricardo Parreira, on the Portuguese guitar, Bernardo Saldanha, on the guitar, and Francisco Gaspar on the bass guitar.




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Ana Margarida. Photo by Lena Kern

Ana Margarida live at CCB. Photo by José Frade

Ana Margarida live at CCB. Photo by José Frade

Ana Margarida live at CCB. Photo by José Frade

Ana Margarida live at CCB. Photo by José Frade

Ana Margarida live at CCB. Photo by José Frade