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Gaspar Varela

(N. 25 September, 2003)

Gaspar Varela is great-grandson of Celeste Rodrigues and wanted to learn to play Portuguese guitar from a very young age in order to accompany his great-grandmother.

This dream came true when he was seven years old, at the Radio Amália Gala, by the hand of his Master and Professor, guitarist Paulo Parreira. After that he accompanied Celeste Rodrigues on several occasions.

In his still short musical life, Gaspar has participated in three albums, "Saudade do Futuro", "Brincar aos Fados" and "Vozes de Amália".

His main references are the Masters Artur Paredes, Carlos Paredes and Jaime Santos. In addition to his Mestre, Gaspar has been fortunate to be cherished by several musicians and fado singers, namely guitarist Pedro de Castro, who has kindly encouraged him to play occasionally at his fado house, Mesa de Frades, in Alfama.

2019 was a year of complete change for Gaspar. After recording his first album, "Gaspar", with the label Museu do Fado Discos and selling out the CCB auditorium, the guitarist meets Madonna who he joins for various musical gatherings in Lisbon bars. From this meeting, the artist invites Gaspar to join her on her world tour "Madame X".



Gaspar Varela, 2018 (Fotografia Luis Carvalhal)

Gaspar Varela, 2018 (Fotografia Luis Carvalhal)

Gaspar Varela, 2018 (Fotografia Luis Carvalhal)