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Joaquim Silveirinha

(N. 25 February, 1925 - M. 24 April, 1975)

Joaquim Silveirinha was born in Lisbon at the Madragoa district, on the 25 February 1925.

According to his own words, "as a child, when I played the top or soccer with a rag ball, I already sang the fado". (cf. Guitarra Portugal 15 April 1947)

He made his debut as amateur at 18, at the "Vendedores de Jornais Futebol Clube", and began to sing at charity feasts, promenades and excursions “outside town”.

"I feel more at ease outside town to sing for my friends. I loved a lunch at Colares during which I received a tremendous applause" (cf. Guitarra Portugal, 15 April 1947)

He competed at the “Concurso de Outono” contest organised by newspaper “Canção do Sul” and, against his father’s will, he chose the artistic career.

Without ever leaving his Shipyard Mechanic or his spare-time odd jobs as taxi driver, Joaquim Silveirinha became a fado professional at the “Retiro dos Marialvas” in 22 December 1945.

About his personal repertoire, he said:

"I sing poems by Domingos Silva, José Almeida Rodrigues, Delfim Silva and António Augusto Ferreira. I have no poems of famous poets. I have promises made by João da Mata (he has an excuse, he is ill), Carlos Conde, Francisco Radamanto. I have a poem by Sá Esteves and another by J. S. Caperta. (...) Today artists cannot shine without a good repertoire. But, as Júlio Guimarães said, today many poets do not write because they have been damaged. There is a lot of disrespect for the authors." (cf. Guitarra Portugal 15 April 1947)

He recorded several records, solo and with other colleagues (Natércia da Conceição, Fernando Farinha, Luísa Salgado, Estela Alves), and was accompanied by Álvaro Martins, Raul Nery and Armandinho (Portuguese guitar), José Maria de Carvalho, Castro Mota and Júlio Gomes (Spanish guitar).

His artistic pathway also included the participation in radio programmes, having performed at Rádio Clube Português, Rádio Graça, Rádio Peninsular, etc.

He died on the 24 April 1975. He is buried at a tomb in the Prazeres Cemetery.



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