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Júlio de Sousa

(M. 1 August, 1966)

Born in Lisbon, at the parish of Santos-o-Velho, Júlio de Sousa graduates in Fine Arts at 23 years old and dedicates himself to illustrating magazines and book covers, designing theatre wardrobes, scenography, painting and sculpture, and is very successful at making clay caricatures and later rag dolls.

Along with these activities, Júlio de Sousa also recited, composed and wrote poems, printing several poem books, such as: “Jogo Perdido” (1956), “História da Menina Triste”, “Saudade Vai-te Embora” (1963) and “Beijei a Lua” (1965).

He owned a fado house at Rua da Barroca for a couple of years, where he showed his works and recited verses wearing a black cloak, accompanied on the piano by Mariana Silva.

He composed some fados, one of which immortalized by his sister, the fado singer Maria Amélia, “Fado da Loucura”, and “Saudade, Vai-te Embora”, created by Fernando Maurício.

Júlio de Sousa passed away on August 1st, 1966.



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  • Fado Loucura Mariza (Júlio de Sousa / Frederico de Brito)