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Lina Maria Alves

(N. 3 April, 1924 - M. 5 September, 2007)

Born right in the middle of Alfama, Carolina feels the impulse to sing encouraged by her friends and colleagues. After abandoning commercial studies at Patrício Prazeres School, Lina Maria Alves debuts at "Urca", in Feira Popular de Lisboa, a house owned by Zé Miguel.

It was the first step in a pathway which lead her to other houses: "Meia-Noite", "Nova Sintra"; by invitation of Tristão da Silva she performed at "Patrício" and finally at "Parreirinha de Alfama", an iconic place she treasures in her memory. “It is not because I am there, but it truly is a wonderful house…” Lina Maria performed sporadically at "Forcado", "Taverna D´El Rei", "Taverna do Embuçado" and "Nau Catrineta". The fado singer recalls the environment of those houses and the people she met: Berta Cardoso, Celeste Rodrigues, Beatriz da Conceição, Mariana Silva, and Tristão da Silva are some of the references.

Her broad repertoire is released in 8 45 rpm records, 2 LPs, 2 cassettes and one CD. Linhares Barbosa, Frederico de Brito, António José and Alberto Rodrigues are some of the main poets Lina Maria sings. Form her repertoire, we highlight the themes: "Já te esqueci", "Cigano", "Se não me queres", among other successes.

She always stayed at the city where she was born, and she says the best houses and the best are located there: “Fado is a very beautiful thing to me. I feel it when someone sings it (...) Argentina, Fernanda Maria, Maria da Fé, Tina, people who sing well and it comes from inside of them”.

Her voice says “goodbye” forever on the 5 November 2007, leaving the fado universe poorer, especially the cast of "Parreirinha de Alfama".



Museu do Fado – interviewed on the 11 September 2006.



Lina Maria Alves. s/d.

Alfredo Marceneiro e Lina Maria Alves, s/d.

Lina Maria Alves, s/d.

Lina Maria Alves, s/d.

  • Tempos de Ontem Lina Maria Alves (João Linhares Barbosa / Acácio Rocha)